Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life is Beautiful – A Good Movie worth watching

Life is Beautiful – A Good Movie worth watching


                 Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini 


                Grand Prix, Cannes

                Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

                European Film Award for Best European Film



The movie was the story of a Jewish Italian, who spends his days with his son in a Nazi concentration camp. Roberto makes us laugh out loud in the first half and leave us with sad tears in eyes in the end. The first half of the movie is a whimsical, romantic comedy. He steals her Lover (Dora, she is not a Jew), at her engagement function from her rude and loud fiancé. Then they marry and have a son called Joshua. The story takes a turning point at Joshua's 5th birthday. Roberto and his son were taken to the Nazi Concentration camp. Dora too joins them at the camp, but stays separately. To keep up Joshua's spirits, Roberto convinces him that the camp is just a game in which the first person to get thousand points will win a tank. Roberto tells Joshua if he cries, or complains that he is hungry or want his mother, he lose points, while quiet boys who hide from the camp guards earn points. Roberto ables to manage the story to his son until the chaos caused by the American troops. At this juncture he asks his son to hide in a box but Roberto was caught in to the trap while trying to find Dora. Roberto was shot dead, but succeed in making his son laugh by imitating the Nazi guard. At last the American troop enters the camp and liberates everyone. Joshua was reunited with his mother and manages a ride in a Tank.

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